What if I just need $150 to tide me over till payday?

There are so many people struggling with their finances every day. It can sometimes feel like you have nowhere to turn at your darkest hour. In some cases, the weight of pressure and expectation can be for what in reality is quite a small figure to worry about, but for you, at this time, it makes all the difference. It could be that you only need $150 to see you through the next week to ten days, until your pay-check is in your hand. In these situations, where you might not have the help of friends, family or you might not feel comfortable asking your employer for a cash advance, a fast payday loan could provide you with everything that you need to get through the next few days. As long as you know for sure that you can afford to pay it back when the time comes, a payday loan could be the perfect answer to your current problems.

On average, most payday loans are taken out between $150 and $300. There are so many people who take advantage of this short-term credit service, as it is an easy and efficient way to help cover the cost of essentials until payday, to pay a bill that is unexpected and to bridge the gap when you are faced with unexpected costs or higher costs than you were expecting for an essential service or product.

There are a few different options open to you if you need some small amount of cash to see you through and make sure you are covered for essentials until your next payday.

Borrow money

The first thing to do is to think about your current situation with friends and close family members. Is there any person that you know that you feel comfortable talking to about your predicament? It is important that even if you feel incredibly stressed and panicked about your financial situation, that there is someone you can talk to openly and honestly. If that person can lend you money, great, but even if they can’t they might be able to offer a sympathetic ear to listen to your problems and ease the burden somewhat.

Credit Card

If you have a credit card or you are thinking about applying for a credit card, this might give you the option to spend on essentials without worrying too much about the pressure of a certain date to pay back the bill in total. It is always good practice to pay off your credit card each month, and it helps to build your credit score too. Just be careful that it doesn’t quickly descend into a cycle of credit card debt.


If you have access to an overdraft facility with your bank, it could be that taking the $150 that you need out of there is more cost efficient than any other option. Check the interest rates and the fee you’ll be charged for using the overdraft in the first place, in some cases it costs more to use an overdraft than it does a payday loan.

If none of these options are open to you, or seem to cost prohibitive, a fast payday loan service could be the answer you are looking for. It helps you out with a one-off payment, that you pay back within a month. No harm to your long-term finances.