Inverted yield curve meaning and what it tells an investor

Investors constantly seek ways to improve their average mutual fund returns, striving to make informed decisions in a dynamic financial landscape. One powerful tool in their arsenal is the analysis of the yield curve of their mutual fund investments. By examining the yield curves of government bonds with varying maturities, investors can gauge economic trends and adjust their investments accordingly. This article will define inverted yield curves and explain its applications, elaborating on how investors can benefit from this valuable insight.

What is an inverted yield curve, and what are its applications?

An inverted yield curve is a financial phenomenon that occurs when short-term interest rates surpass long-term interest rates. This reversal of the inverted yield curve slope signifies a potential economic downturn or recession. Mutual fund investors must understand the implications of an inverted yield curve to make informed investment decisions.

  1. Inverted yield curve helps predict future interest rates:

Inverted yield curves provide insights into future interest rates. When the yield curve inverts, it typically indicates that market participants anticipate lower long-term interest rates in the future. This expectation could result from factors such as a slowdown in economic growth or a change in the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) monetary policy stance. Investors who recognize this signal may choose to lock in longer-term fixed-interest investments, anticipating that rates will decline.

  1. Inverted yield curves analyse the risk component of investments

Another significant application of inverted yield curves is their role in assessing the risk component of investments. Inverted yield curves are often associated with heightened uncertainty and economic instability. As short-term rates rise above long-term rates, it can signal investor concerns about the immediate future. Consequently, investors should exercise caution when making investment decisions during such times, as the potential for higher market volatility and capital losses increases.

  1. Inverted yield curves help predict a recession phase

Perhaps the most crucial application of inverted yield curves is their predictive power concerning economic recessions. Historically, an inverted yield curve has preceded most major economic downturns. When short-term rates surpass long-term rates, investors seek the safety of longer-term investments, which could be driven by a lack of confidence in the economy’s prospects. This loss of confidence often precedes a recessionary phase.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds after analyzing yield curves

There are various benefits of investing in mutual funds. Investors who incorporate yield curve analysis into their mutual fund investment strategies gain a unique foresight that can significantly impact their returns.

  1. Investors can strategize their asset allocation:

Analyzing yield curves allows investors to strategically allocate their assets across various mutual funds. Investors can allocate more heavily to funds that are likely to perform well under the current conditions by understanding the prevailing interest rate environment. During an inverted yield curve, investors might favor bond funds with longer maturities, anticipating potential capital appreciation as rates fall.

  1. Inverted yield curves can help investors manage risk:

Inverted yield curves can serve as a warning sign for increased market volatility and potential declines in asset prices. Investors can mitigate risk by diversifying their mutual fund portfolio to include assets that historically perform well during economic downturns.

  1. Investors can time their investments better:

Yield curve analysis helps investors time their investments. Investors who monitor yield curves can make informed decisions about when to enter or exit mutual fund positions. When an inverted yield curve signals an impending recession, investors may choose to reduce their exposure to equity funds and shift their assets into more defensive options to protect their portfolios from potential losses.

Inverted yield curves are powerful indicators that can help investors make informed investment decisions. The insights that inverted yield curves offer can be valuable to any investor who wishes to improve their average mutual fund returns.

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What Is A Short-Term Health Insurance Plan?

A Short-Term Health Insurance Plan: What Is It?

A type of medical insurance policy that provides coverage for a little time is known as short-term online health insurance in India. Short-term health insurance typically covers you for up to 12 months. The top short-term health insurance policies provide transient protection for medical needs or crises. Additionally, because the premiums are lower, they may be more affordable than their long-term equivalents. Let’s examine the characteristics, advantages, and appropriate purchasers of short-term health insurance plans. ##

Important Elements Of A Short-Term Health Plan

You should be aware of the following short-term health insurance plan characteristics:

  • Short-term plans have a duration of 12 months or less.
  • Short-term policies require frequent renewals because the coverage will soon expire.
  • Due to their limited duration, these plans typically do not cover maternity, serious illness, or pre-existing conditions.
  • Given that they only cover a limited amount of time, short-term plans have more economical premiums than long-term ##
  • When your health insurance is renewed, you can switch to a different insurer for your short-term plan.

How Does Temporary Medical Insurance Operate?

Short-term online health insurance, as previously noted, is a sort of health insurance that protects the policyholder or insured for 12 months or less. Preventive treatment, urgent medical needs, emergency medical needs, doctor consultations, and other urgent medical requirements are all financially protected by this type of health insurance. Short-term health insurance coverage might be helpful if you need access to affordable health insurance plans or are temporary without health insurance.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Purchasing A Short-Term Health Plan 

Here are the different health insurance benefits of a short term plan:

  • Short-term health insurance policies have fairly affordable premiums.
  • It protects against a variety of illnesses and medical disorders.
  • The ability to customise their plans is available to prospective policyholders.
  • Provides tax advantages for health insurance under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. **
  • You can use the Cumulative Bonus when you renew your short-term health insurance. *

Here are the limitation of buying a short term plan:

  • Short-term health insurance typically does not qualify for the reductions available for long-term insurance.
  • Although long-term insurance premiums are less expensive overall than short-term insurance premiums, long-term insurance premiums are less expensive when monthly or quarterly payments are taken into account.
  • Some advanced coverage choices that are offered on long-term health plans are not available on short-term plans.
  • Your insurer may decline to renew your policy when your initial health plan expires if you wind up with a significant sickness or medical condition while the policy term of your short-term plan is still in effect.

When Is The Right Time To Invest In Short-Term Health Insurance?

  • If you only have access to your employer’s health insurance and you intend to change jobs.
  • If you are an NRI who spends several months in India.
  • You’re seeking a short-term health insurance plan that is reasonable.
  • Your health insurance plan has a void in it. 

* Standard T&C Apply

** Tax benefit is subject to change in prevalent tax laws

## All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply 

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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What Are The Time Limits For Filing A Travel Insurance Claim?

There are instances where clients are unable to submit claims to the insurance company on time even after acquiring the appropriate travel insurance from India policy and having the necessary documentation. This can result in your travel insurance claim being denied or even delayed.

Time limits for filing a travel insurance claim

You must adhere to the deadlines specified by the travel insurance provider to register a claim in order to resolve your international travel insurance claims. It often fell between one and two months following your return date. However, the insurance will satisfy your claim concurrently if you provide all the necessary information, documentation, and details while you are travelling.

Below are a few examples of travel insurance claim scenarios and the actions you can take to submit a claim:

  • Accidental and medical emergencies

If you become ill owing to both an accident and the weather, you might need to use your online travel insurance. With travel insurance, you can receive the best care and be evacuated in an emergency back to your country.

  • A lost passport

You must file a police FIR and notify the travel insurance company of the loss.  It is advised that you always keep a copy of your passport on hand to prevent issues in this situation. Additionally, you’ll need to keep track of all the costs that are involved with getting a new passport and present the receipts when filing your travel claim once you’ve returned home.

  • Checked baggage delays

When travelling internationally, baggage loss and delays are typical. However, you must present the payment receipts for the essential products you bought due to delayed delivery of your checked baggage to receive prompt reimbursement for your name. Obtain a letter from the airline confirming the baggage loss and delay. To file for compensation from the insurance, you must also provide the tickets, a copy of your boarding pass, your passport, and a luggage delivery receipt to verify the travel dates.

  • Trip cancellation or reduction

There may be occasions when you must postpone or cancel your travel due to personal or medical emergencies. Any financial loss arising from trip cancellation or restriction may be claimed through international travel insurance.

Benefits of Additional Travel Insurance:

  1. Personal accident cover: With this benefit, you are covered for any unintentional physical injuries, including the tragic possibility of passing away from such injuries.
  1. Bonus child education coverage: The provider must provide additional compensation in the form of a lump-sum payment equal to 2% of the insured amount for each dependent child if a travel claim for passing away or permanent total disability has been approved.
  1. Coverage for permanent or total disability: If the insured person suffers from an accident that results in permanent damage to one or more limbs, visual loss in one or both eyes or any other disability.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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Life insurance for women: All you need to know

Life insurance is required for protection against risk and risk is not limited to only men. Rather, women are equally vulnerable to life-risks. In today’s fast-moving world, the role of women has turned around- to managing a listed entity from just homemaking and to managing the Ministry of Finance in India and so on. Let’s drill into the details of how life insurance is a must for women!

 How is life insurance important for women?

  • Women sometimes have joint responsibility towards their family as well their parents if they are the only child of their parents. Thus, irrespective of whether they earn or what their marital status is, life insurance for women should not be overlooked.
  • Women can now be seen in the position of breadwinner for the family. Education has helped women to stay financially independent and support the family in case of financial emergencies. Their income adds to the household income.
  • Even if a woman is not a breadwinner, she can be the ultimate support of her family. Thus, in case of any undesirable event, her immediate family needs to be taken care of.
  • If you are aware of life insurance meaning in-depth, you’ll know that life insurance premiums are lower for women. Further, life insurance companies consider that value is also created even if women stay at home.

 Type of life insurance policies suitable for women

  • Term Insurance: It provides enough cover at a reasonable cost. In case of a tragic event, the immediate family gets sufficient finance to manage their lives, settle the outstanding liabilities, getting a lump sum amount for important events, etc. The premium amount is calculated using a life insurance calculator.
  • Child Insurance: With child insurance, the education of the child would continue with a regular inflow of cash. You just need to save a specific amount as per the life insurance calculator.
  • Retirement Insurance: Women generally live longer than men. As a woman, you need not be dependent on anyone in your retirement life. With retirement insurance, you can receive a fixed pension for a balanced period of life, and you can manage your living and medical expenses.

 What policy term is suitable for women?

If any undesirable event crystallizes during the policy period, the beneficiaries of the policy would get the required financial support. Ensure that you are covered completely during your life expectancy period. There is no standard rule for an ideal policy term, but the policy term is generally evaluated keeping in view the current age and health history. Accordingly, the policy term you choose may vary from 10 years to 75 years.

 What amount of term insurance is sufficient?

  • Insurance cover is the sum assured required by your family in case of any undesirable event. It depends on several factors. A life insurance calculator is helpful in such a case.
  • General inputs required for the calculation of the coverage amount are your current annual income, present age, financial goals, and present financial liabilities.
  • The life insurance calculator will specify the sufficient cover amount and premium amount. The premium amount would be higher for a higher cover amount.

 Why is the insurance policy premium lower for women?

  • It’s all linked to the basics. The average lifespan of women is higher than the average lifespan of men. As you live longer, you have to pay a premium for all those surviving years and the sum assured liability is generally delayed.
  • Another reason is that women generally have a healthy history and lower health concerns as compared to men. They are less prone to illness, and it assures the insurers. Thus, the premium amount is generally lower.

 Tax benefits of life insurance for women

  • Women have equal taxation benefits like men. The premium amount paid is allowed as deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax, 1961 with a maximum cap of Rs. 1.5 lakh.
  • The life insurance proceedings received are tax-free under Section 10 of the Act.


Life insurance is all about financial security for you and enough financial assistance for the immediate family in case of any undesirable event. Buying a life insurance policy gives a sense of purpose, value, and self-worth. It further relieves stress and lets you enjoy your life knowing that you have protected yourself and your family.

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General Insurance in India: Know All About the Types of Plans & Their Coverages

Financial planning is essential even before you start to earn. It is one of the essential life skills to known how you can grow your money. While income sources will be limited on some or the other way, the growth opportunities aren’t. Sky is the limit for money to grow, but you also need to prepare yourself for unexpected emergencies. These unexpected emergencies can be in the form of death and health ailments and many more. Preparedness can help you get through these tough times. Insurance is the best way to have a financial safeguard during these times.

Insurance in India is primarily classified in two broad categories – life and non-life. As the name suggests, life insurance contributes a corpus on the death of the insured individual whereas the non-life deals for other types of events. Since non-life insurance deals with all types of situations, it is also called as general insurance. This article elaborates on these different types general insurance policies and the coverage they offer. Let’s have a look –

  • Health Insurance

After life insurance, the popular insurance coverage is the health insurance. Like a life insurance pays the beneficiaries after the death of the policyholder, a health insurance policy takes for the costs of medical treatment. With rising medical inflation, it has become a necessity and should be a part of everyone’s financial portfolio. Depending on the stage of your life, various insurance policies can be purchased considering your requirements. Hospitalisation cover is the favoured coverage under a health insurance policy but there are other benefits like pre and post hospitalisation cover too that can be purchased.

  • Travel Insurance

Travelling in a foreign land can often be bewildering. Different cultures along with communication limitation in some regions. In these places, even the slightest inconvenience can be of great difficulty to overcome. At these times, a travel insurance plan can aid to tackle these varied situations. Some commonly offered coverage options under a travel insurance is the baggage loss cover, flight cancellation cover, and more. These travel policies are also offered based on the types of travellers like students, senior citizens, corporate travellers, solo travellers, etc.

  • Motor Insurance

Unlike other types of insurance policies, a motor insurance policy is made mandatory for all vehicle owners. These bike and car insurance plans not only help cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle, but also pay for the liabilities due to a third-party in case of an accident. Third-party and comprehensive policies are two main types of motor insurance polices that can be purchased.

  • Marine Insurance

This type insurance policy is the one that reimburses the losses that may be faced by the insured in the event the goods are damaged during transit at the time of cargo transportation, loading and unloading. There are various perils like sinking, collision, jettison, navigation errors, etc that may have a financial impact. With a marine insurance plan, these losses can be insured.

  • Commercial Insurance

A business faces different types of risks based on the environment it operates. A general insurance policy can help mitigate these numerous risks that differ not only among sectors, but also based on the geography which the business operates. Some common risks that are classified under the category are liabilities because of property damage, customers, liabilities due against employee benefits, extended warranty benefits, and the like.

With these types of general insurance plans, not only your personal life is secured, but also your professional liabilities can be insured. So be it an individual or an organisation, the importance of an general insurance cover remains the same.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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How Easy Is it to Purchase Bitcoin in Australia?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Bitcoin due to its prevalence and popularity. This is the most popular cryptocurrency around and many people choose to invest in Bitcoin. It’s possible for your investment in Bitcoin to turn a profit and this could wind up being a very savvy financial move. If you’ve been hesitant to invest in Bitcoin, then it might be because you’re worried about the process being difficult.

Truthfully, investing in Bitcoin is easier than you likely realise. If you know the right business to turn to, then you’ll be able to have a very smooth experience. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process to get the Bitcoin that you need. Take a look at how easy things can be by reading the information below.

You Can Buy at a Real Location

It’s possible to buy Bitcoin at a real physical location in Australia. This is going to help to set your mind at ease and it makes it easier to get Bitcoin while feeling secure about the transaction. You don’t have to go to some shady website that you might not be able to trust. This allows you to purchase Bitcoin in the most convenient and safe way.

You just go to the business and proceed with everything just like you would any normal transaction. You won’t have to deal with hidden fees or anything else that will get in your way. There aren’t even any daily limits for you to worry about. You just go to the secure and private office to get things taken care of so that you can purchase the Bitcoin that you want.

The Process Is Streamlined

The process is actually more streamlined than most people expect it to be. You’ll be able to go over the details with the staff at the location. They will help to guide you through everything and you’ll be able to get your Bitcoin pretty fast. There are even multiple ways to buy the Bitcoin that you can make use of.

For example, you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin using cash. It’s also possible to buy Bitcoin by initiating a bank transfer. You can buy Bitcoin in Australia pretty easily when you’re working with the most reputable business. You’ll be able to get what you need and you can feel confident that everything is going to go smoothly.

Get Your Bitcoin Today

If you’re interested in investing in Bitcoin today, then you should take the time to visit the office. You’ll find that the process is easier than you ever imagined it would be. Everything has been designed to be very customer friendly. You’ll have a simple time getting your Bitcoin and you’ll be able to come back again when you want to make future investments.

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Trust the Professionals to Help Establish Your Swiss Business

Setting up and beginning a new business track work from home employees is a huge investment. There is a lot on the line and it is viewed as a huge risk. There are requirements when it comes to opening a new business. Entrepreneurs can’t just walk in and get started. The leg work may seem overwhelming and daunting to get your new business up and running, but never fear, hiring professionals to help you navigate the process and ensure that all of the required documentation is properly submitted, can ensure your business gets off to the right start.

Forming and Registering Your Business

There is certain documentation that must be submitted when it comes to legally registering your business. The most important thing is to make sure you’ve acquired the capital necessary to start your business. This can either be from your personal accounts, if you have the money to do so, or acquired through a financing company that is willing to take a risk on your new business. Either way, you will need cash flow to ensure that your business gets off the ground.

Preparation of all fiduciary and legal documents will need to be signed and completed, as well as opening official bank accounts, which are specifically for the company to operate out of, are mandatory. The professionals can help you acquire and gather all of the incorporation documentation which will need to be submitted for approval before your business can officially open. This entire process normally takes between two and three weeks and can possibly take longer if there are any snags along the way.

Properly setting up business in Switzerland doesn’t end there. Once the initial incorporation of your company is complete, there are still some things which must be done. The professionals will help you navigate through these tasks. First, an accounting mandate must be set up. It is the law that accounting records for businesses based in Switzerland be kept and maintained in Switzerland.

Fleshing out your business plan for the first 12 months of business and setting up letterheads and invoices are important tasks. Setting up financial reporting and deciding on the frequency in which reports will be received, as well as putting operational policies in place, are important for product consistency.

Why Choose the Professionals?

Establishing a business for the first time can be a daunting task. The professionals understand the many tasks involved in ensuring the business is set up properly, right from the beginning, with as little hassle to the owner as possible. They can help you navigate the legal and operational aspects of getting your business off the ground and profitable in no time. Sit back, relax, and trust the professionals!

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You Can Profit From Bookmaker’s Generosity

If you’re going to invest in any program in an attempt to profit from that program, you must do your research and educate yourself as well as possible before committing to the plan.

Yes, that is a word of caution, not unlike the one you’d get from someone who doesn’t want you to take risk or gamble. When you know the details of the program you’re considering and grasp its philosophy to the best of your ability, you’re probably ready to get started.

So, in this specific case, you’ll need to know what arbitrage is and what matched bets are, just as a way to get started. The basic definition of arbitrage states you’ll buy something of value in one market and sell it at the same time (immediately) at a higher price. Obviously, you benefit from a temporary difference in the prices. Traders and investors considered this a “risk free” way to make profit.

Getting Specific

“Can this method be applied to sports betting?” Perhaps the better question is, “How can this method be applied to areas such as sports betting?” Why is this the better question? Because people are offering instructions on turning bonus bets (free money you get when you sign up) into cash. The key to success in these programs is the matched bet. This is a technique that uses free bets and other incentives offered by online bookmaking companies.

This is thought of as being risk-free (a requirement of arbitrage) because the bettor is using funds place in the account by the company when a deposit is made. When you win with this method, you don’t necessarily get the “stake” returned with your profits, though some sites do offer this. Even when the stake is not paid back with the profits, the return is in the 70% range.

If you’re considering this technique as a way to make money, be advised that it’s not intended to be a quick way to make money. In fact, the developers of betting programs state clearly, they don’t believe in programs promising “get rich quick”. Still, there are no guarantees, which are not allowed by law when betting or gambling activity is involved.


Developers of the various programs, such as The Cash Kings, acknowledge the scepticism of those who don’t fully understand how the technique works. But they do offer detailed guidance on such ideas as making hundreds of dollars by signing up for promotional offers alone. Subscribers also get the information and resources they need on bookmakers and guidance on how to avoid mistakes and complications when putting the plan into action.

The important factors for success with this program (not guaranteed, remember) are the program itself, of course, and reliable computer equipment. It’s also important to have time to devote to learning the technique and to have time to put it into practice without feeling financial pressure. One thing you should never do is bet with money that is need for necessities. Keep this in mind as you research matched-bet programs.

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The way to invest and Prosper

Learn to invest money and prosper or don’t learn to invest and then invest and generate losses. It’s fun to take a position money when you’re winning. Obtain a financial education and discover for yourself. You won’t ever feel overlooked knowing the way to invest having a seem investment strategy. Let us start that financial education now.


You can’t come up with an entire investment strategy with no knowledge of the investments which are incorporated within the package. Nor are you able to build your house without understanding from the pieces, parts, and tools needed. Focus on investment basics prior to deciding on which plan to choose, or else you may be unable to finish the task effectively. What this means is you need to comprehend the investment characteristics of bonds and stocks, and just how they rival one another and also to other investment alternatives.

Then you can learn to invest and set together an entire investment strategy. Like I stated, it’s fun to take a position when you are earning money but you need to begin with an investment basics. Many people have no idea stocks from bonds. Begin by studying articles or any other publications that will get lower towards the basics. For instance: what exactly are stocks, what exactly are their risks and potential rewards, and just how will they rival bonds along with other investment alternatives.

Now you are prepared to discover mutual funds, what are investment preferred by most average investors. For most of us those are the easiest and the easy way purchase bonds and stocks, plus other asset classes. Mutual money is simply investment packages which are professionally managed for you personally. To select the best funds you will need to comprehend the asset class they purchase: stocks, bonds, money market or niche (other).

The Way To Invest

Now you are prepared to learn to invest and set the pieces plus a seem investment strategy. ASSET ALLOCATION is an important a part of your investing and financial education, because the way you allocate your hard earned money towards the various asset classes determines your failure or success… greater than other things. To put it simply, just how much in the event you purchase stocks versus. bonds versus. other investments? This is known as your asset mix. It’s a lot more important than specific investments or funds you choose.

Once you have place a balanced portfolio of investments together there is a great foundation. But if you wish to still build and prosper you will need a continuing investment technique to make additions and changes with time as necessary. Read articles on investment strategy, asset allocation, and the way to invest. It’ll all get together for you personally should you start at the start and make one step at any given time.

Learn how to invest much like your financial future depends upon it. With The Government indebted as much as his eyeballs and employers fighting to outlive, it will.

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Items to Know Before Investing

For old and new investors, when thinking about a good investment, you will find items to know and also to consider before selecting a good investment. Creating a good decision when beginning neglect the portfolio is as essential as making good decisions when adding or diversifying neglect the portfolio.


It’s not enough to understand whatever you can to take a position you should know what you could absorb in case of loss. The funds employed for investing ought to be money put aside particularly for investing. When budgeting in how much money that’ll be employed for availability, make sure to include any costs associated with the investing. Some costs and charges may include having to pay for an additional:


Financial consultant

Tax consultant

Additionally, inflation ought to be considered when estimating every cost in an investment.


Area of the money that’s invested ought to be for greater risk investments. This is an excellent idea due to the chance of preferred tax treatment. This, like several investment money will be able to be absorbed if lost. Should there be no risks, you will find no possibilities for top returns. Research ought to be done so the risk is minimal and also the investments derive from solid information. You will find no guarantees, but doing appropriate research will raise the likelihood of a great return in riskier investments. Talking to an consultant and a few experience investing may also help.


This really is ensuring you’ve got a good number of neglect the in safe investments. The phrase safe has altered because the changes throughout the economy has cause many people to loose a sizable part of investments which were considered safe at that time. Again, research, talking to, and experience will be handy when investing. There has to be sufficient safe investments to keep a reliable portfolio.


There are various kinds of investments. If you have a diversified investment portfolio, it’s more stable. The different sorts of investments which will make a good investment portfolio diversified includes the next:

* Asset mix-have a wide range of asset classes like stocks, bonds, gold, treasuries, etc.

* Time preference-the assets should appreciate at different occasions therefore if there’s an accident it will not affect all assets

* Several manager-even when neglect the manager is honest, she or he might not be perfect making errors and using more than one manager, it may lessen the risk

Be Familiar With RISKS

All investments have risks and it’ll vary using the investments. Being knowledgeable from the risks allows the investor to organize for absorption of loss. It will help to precisely diversify a good investment portfolio and balance high and low-risk investments to obtain the maximum return possibility of investments. The potential risks of loss may also be the same shape as demands that may increase risk. For instance, the necessity to release crash could make the requirement for a purchase even when you will see a minimal return.

AVIOD Running After What’s “HOT”

Everybody as well as a few of their mother’s have a summary of the greatest investments for that year, month, holiday, or other things they are able to develop. Even if coming via reliable source, make sure to research each potential investment before opening your bank account.

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