Savings Vs. Investment: Which Is Better For Optimal Growth?

Savings and investments are two major ways of building wealth effectively. But these two are not the same concept. Though both can enable people to gain financial stability, there are a lot of differences. Especially in terms of risk level, both are completely different. On the one hand, investment comes with more risk levels. On the other hand, savings do not consist of risk. As both have different perspectives, one must get acquainted with these two properly. Without proper knowledge, there can be lots of misconception and confusion too.

To get a clear concept of savings and investments in terms of their benefits, risks, or other similar factors, you must go through these below-mentioned sections.

What is savings?

In simple words, savings is putting your money aside so that you can build an emergency cash amount for the future. There is no age limit for starting to save money. You can save the money in any bank’s savings account, or you can take help from any financial institution. To keep your money, you just take care of your extra expenses or specifically luxurious savings, which are your dreams, not essentials. In your savings account, you can also get instant loan disbursal amount while needed.

What is an investment?

Investment is all about engaging your money with various financial products like stocks, funds, shares, IPOs, etc. In investment, money can grow over time but comes with different risk factors. In investment, money grows higher compared to savings.

Benefits of savings:

As savings is one of the best ways to start building emergency cash for beginners, it comes with a lot of benefits. Here are those benefits.

  • You can get the whole idea of the return amount on your savings balance upfront.
  • As savings is considered a bank product, it is liquid. You can withdraw your money whenever you require to do so.
  • You can overcome any short-term goal with the help of savings.
  • There is less or no risk in savings. The banks guarantee it.
  • With the help of savings account, you can also pay later through your banking cards

Benefits of investments

Investment also comes with a lot of positive benefits. Those are mentioned below.

  • Investment means higher returns than savings accounts. However, the rate of investment is not always the same.
  • Investing is liquid. You can convert your investment into cash Whenever required.
  • A mixed collection of investments can help you to stay ahead of inflation.

Do savings and investment have some similarities?

Saving and investing are both ways of building your wealth. Both have the same goal: saving money for the future to fulfill some dream or gather emergency cash for any needs.

For beginners, savings can be the first step of investment. You can save your money in the bank as an FD or fixed deposits that are risk-free. You can also start SIP or systematic investment plans. SIP can make you learn disciplined investment ways.

Both savings and investments must be made through bank and demat accounts, respectively. These days, a few loan apps also help you to save or invest for your future.

Difference between saving and investing:

There are a lot of differences between saving and investing. Let’s have a look at these differences.

  • Return rate

The biggest difference between investing and saving is the return rate of both. Usually, various market factors are associated with investment. Savings do not have any kind of higher return rate whereas investments have a higher return rate. Investments also have a higher volatility rate, especially in the short term. On the other hand, they can also produce higher returns over the long term. The returns on savings are typically lower but guaranteed. This is the reason savings are safer than investments. In case, you want to invest through various loan app that can lead you to a safe investment.

  • Goals

Investments are usually for long-term goals. It considers early retirement, home purchasing, higher education fees, purchase of pricey items like gold coins, ring, etc. Savings also can achieve these goals. But creating the same amount of money as the investment will take a long time. Savings can help you in short-term goals.

  • Barrier against inflation

Savings typically provide lower returns than any investment option, so they do not provide much protection against inflation. However, from a long-term perspective, investments can effectively help you fight inflation and offer much higher returns.

  • Liquidity

Investment can also bring liquidity, but the liquidity is lower in the case of gold and land. But savings are always very liquid, making them the best short-term option.


So, here are all the details related to savings and investments. There is no better option because both can help you with several benefits to build safe wealth for the future. You have to choose wisely so that you can satisfy your future needs appropriately. Make sure you have visited all the benefits related to savings and investments beforehand.