Large-cap vs mid-cap vs small-cap MFs: All you need to know to get started

When it comes to investing, mutual funds can be a very investor-friendly option due to the low cost of investment and transparency around the underlying securities. For long-term financial goals, financial advisors typically recommend investing in equity mutual funds. These funds can be further classified on the basis of market capitalisation, which is also a categorisation of listed companies.

An introduction to market capitalisation 

The total value of shares of a company determines if it falls in to the broad categories of small-cap, mid-cap, or large-cap. When a company’s shares are available for public trading, the total value of that company’s outstanding shares in the market is called market capitalisation.

For instance, if a company has priced each share at Rs. 30 and if its total number of outstanding shares in the market is 50,000, the market capitalisation of this company can be calculated with the help of this formula –

Price per share x total number of outstanding shares

Rs. 30 x 50,000 = Rs. 15,00,000

Therefore, the market capitalisation of that company is Rs. 15,00,000 as of that day.

What are large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap mutual funds? 

Small-cap funds

These are the funds that invest in shares of small-cap companies. These companies usually:

  • Are significantly smaller in size, relative to large- and mid-cap companies
  • Could have an opportunity for high growth in instances where an economy or a particular sector is emerging from recession or a low-growth phase
  • Carry high risk for an investor, as these companies may or may not be successful over time

Mid-cap funds

These are mutual fund schemes that invest in shares of mid-cap companies. These companies usually:

  • Are larger than small-cap companies, but smaller than large-cap companies
  • Are perceived to be less risky than small-cap ones but more than large-cap companies, from an investment point of view

Large-cap funds

These mutual funds predominantly invest in shares of large-cap companies. Such companies are:

  • Often referred to as Blue Chip companies, particularly when they make it to the top 50 or 30 companies basis market capitalisation
  • More likely to have a relatively stable business operations during any negative impact on the economy, when compared to mid-cap and small-cap companies
  • Are perceived to be the least risky among different equity categories

It is important to keep in mind that the performance of companies that have small-cap, mid-cap, or large-cap funds varies based on the economic environment and developments over time, and there cannot be any guarantee of risk-free returns from either of them.

Small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap funds: How do they differ? 

The differences between large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap have been discussed below across several verticals:

Market cap
Large-cap Invests minimum 65% of Assets Under Management in companies with a market cap of Rs. 20,000 crore or more
Mid-cap Invests minimum 65% of Assets Under Management in shares of companies with a market cap of less than Rs. 20,000 crore; with a lower cap limit of Rs. 5,000 crore
Small-cap Invests more than 65% of the Assets Under Management in shares of  companies with a market cap of less than Rs. 5,000 crore


Growth potential (subject to market volatility & term of investment) and risk associated
Large-cap Low growth potential, with relatively lower risk compared to mid-cap and small-cap
Mid cap Moderate growth potential and risk relative to the other categories of equity mutual funds
Small-cap High growth potential and risk relative to large- and mid-cap funds
Large-cap Relatively low volatility as prices remain more or less stable even amidst major changes in the economy
Mid-cap Slightly more volatile than large-cap funds
Small-cap Highly volatile as the price fluctuates majorly according to the economic situation, or even industry specific trends

Different mutual fund schemes come with a different level of risk and growth potential. It is prudent to choose a mutual fund investment for your investments basis your own risk appetite that suits your financial goals.

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Popular Cryptocurrency Types to Invest in 2021

stack of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, dash, and ripple coin together, 3D rendering.

bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero

There is a range of different cryptocurrencies available to those looking to invest in the digital crypto world. You will be familiar with Bitcoin, which we will go over briefly, then recommend some other up and comers to view.


Bitcoin is still the go-to cryptocurrency of the year. At the start of 2021, it enjoyed its biggest rise yet, which also meant it inevitably had to come crashing back down, which it did.

It operated over a global shared network that can contain thousands of individual nodes on the blockchain. This is where you’ll find data regarding financial transactions, which grows when users add blocks.

Bitcoin has been around for over a decade now, originating in 2008 after that year’s disastrous global economic crisis. Whilst money is valued against gold, Bitcoin is measured against the global financial transfer rate.


Ethereum is easily the second biggest token available on the crypto market, after Bitcoin. This coin works within a more specialised part of the blockchain, using a more innovative part of the technology.

As with most cryptocurrencies, the coin does work through the decentralised distributed ledger. The difference here, however, is that the technology that it is backed against is about creating other crypto coins, amongst other digital technologies. This makes it a valuable asset in the digital world.

You can probably imagine that if other cryptocurrencies are doing well, Ethereum will also benefit due to what it actually does.

Bitcoin Cash

This token is eerily similar to Bitcoin, as you’d expect with a name like Bitcoin Cash; the difference here, though, is that it operates on its own unique blockchain. This differentiates it from Bitcoin through processes, but the reason it was created is interesting.

You see, this coin was introduced as a means to process transactions quicker, but through liquidity and money. It originated a few years ago when crypto miners who were all after Bitcoin realised that it might not be a long-term coin to mine and was possibly not sustainable.


If you didn’t know, Tether is often referred to in the crypto world as the more popular stable coin in the world. Whilst other coins serve various similar purposes, Tether is mainly used within the market to help with volatility by providing liquidity and a hedge.

This stable coin still uses the blockchain much like Bitcoin, but this coin follows the global economy closer, such as the EU Euro of the GB Pound. This coin is transparent, allowing anyone at any time to access the transactional history.

Compared to other coins, you will most likely find this token involved in the digital security industry in some capacity. That’s because digital securities are considered one of the means of participating within the blockchain technology and still obeying regulations.

As an investor looking for a coin to invest in, you’ll be able to make better predictions through this coin, as it’s always backed against actual assets in the real world. This means you can look at real-life examples and know which way the market is going.

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Beware of These Factors That Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums

Car insurance is a regulator norm for all car owners. While some may choose to go with the most basic third-party coverage, it isn’t always the best option to keep your premium in check. At times, a comprehensive policy can benefit you more than a third-party cover. Now that you can buy car insurance online, it has become even more convenient to get an affordable yet adequate car insurance cover.

If you do not pay attention at the right things, your car insurance policy can start to bleed. To avoid bleeding of your car insurance plan, here are some pointer that need to be attended. Let’s have a look –

Buying a plan without comparison

The most rookie mistake to avoid is buying a policy without comparing it. Comparison is necessary to evaluate a competitor’s offerings. The coverage, exclusions of those policies and lastly, its price must be a determining factor when shortlisting a car insurance plan. While conventionally you can visit multiple websites of insurance companies to compare, nifty tools like a car insurance calculator make the job easy by readily computing premiums. Investing your time at the beginning before purchase can help you enjoy the benefits of your car insurance when needed the most.

Loading up unnecessary add-ons

Comprehensive car insurance plans have the option to be loaded with add-on covers. While these add-ons are not a part of the standard compressive coverage, they are available as extras. It is critical to determine whether you need the additional coverage offered by your insurer. Most buyers often purchase quite a few add-ons that have no real advantage for them but only end-up increasing the premium costs. Avoiding such unnecessary add-ons can help you keep your premiums in check.

Selecting a policy that’s not fit for you

Car insurance in India is often purchased on recommendation of either car dealer or peers. While at times it may be right, not always it can give you the best coverage. Little thought is given to the idea of actually evaluating your requirements based on the driving conditions and habits. When you buy a car insurance plan, you have two options – a comprehensive cover or a liability only plan. The selection of the type of policy should be based only after you compare car insurance benefits offered under each type.

Opting for higher IDV

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the maximum amount that the insurance company pays in case of total loss or complete damage to your car. A comprehensive policy allows you to increase or decrease the IDV within a specified range. But a direct impact of these changes are noticed on your premium. When making modification to the IDV, remember this point to have an affordable insurance premium.

The above-mentioned elements can help you have a policy premium within your budget. Beware of these factors as they often lead into a higher priced policy with no real benefits to them.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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Why are Term Insurance Premiums High for Smokers?

It is hard for many to get rid of an addiction like smoking. It can cause a whole range of respiratory illnesses and completely change the quality of life you have. In fact, in many cases, it can lead to cancer and in extreme cases, death. As per WHO data, more than a million deaths happen each year in the country due to consumption of tobacco. However, what you may not know is that smoking can also be injurious to your finances.

The perfect example of this is life insurance policy. The premium for life insurance is often calculated based on your surroundings and your lifestyle. For example, your job profile is a huge factor in deciding the life insurance premium you would have to pay. While, the premium for jobs with a higher risk quotient will be high, people with low-risk jobs will likely get a lower premium. A similar logic is applied to smokers and non-smokers.

Categorization of Smokers Categorized by Insurers

Life insurance providers often categorize smokers into three categories. These three categories include a typical smoker, preferred smoker, and table-rated smoker. A typical smoker is someone who smokes and has a minor health issue. A preferred smoker is someone who smokes but does not have any major health issue. The third and final category includes smokers who suffer from a major health issue. Based on these categories, insurance providers decides the premium that will be charged for the term insurance plan.

This data is collected at the time you approach the insurance provider to buy a term plan. The insurance provider will ask you questions about your smoking habits. This can include information of how long you have been smoking, how often you smoke, and if you have had any changes in your health due to smoking. Anyone who consumes tobacco or nicotine in any capacity, is immediately included in the category of smokers. Based on your usage, you will be added to one of the three categories. Hence, as soon as you tell your insurance provider you consume cigars, cigarettes, beedis, etc., you can consider that your insurance will cost you more. At this point, the only question that matters is how much and how often you consume tobacco.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you develop the habit of smoking after buying the plan. If you start smoking after you buy the plan, you have to inform your insurance provider. It is extremely important to do so at the earliest. If you fail to update your insurance provider, you can get into legal trouble for withholding vital information. This can lead to your policy being terminated or even prosecution for swindling.

A smoker has a higher chance of developing respiratory and other types of illnesses. This means there is a higher death risk with smokers. It is evident by the high mortality rate of smokers. This puts the insurance provider in a position where it is almost a guarantee that the policyholder will end up dying and they will have to disburse the sum assured. Hence, smokers are usually required to pay a higher premium for even the basic amount of term life insurance cover.

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Hidden divergences lend a hand by giving trend continuation signals

Divergences are best when picking tops and bottoms and areas where the price can stop and reverse. There are two types of divergences, namely: regular and hidden. We are going to talk about the latter one.

Hidden divergences 

As we have mentioned, divergences help traders know where the price can stop and reverse — this is what a regular divergence does. On the other hand, hidden divergences can give signals for trend continuation where the price continues to move in the same direction it is in right now. This provides the trader with an opportunity to ride the trend as long as it is possible. Hidden divergences may be bearish and bullish.

Hidden bullish divergence

Hidden and bullish divergence is composed of a price that makes a higher low and an oscillator that creates a lower low. This occasion is always prevalent on uptrends. If you want to find out whether there is a hidden divergence, look at the oscillator if it also makes a higher low like what the price is doing. If it does not, it means that there is a hidden divergence.

Hidden bearish divergence

Hidden and bearish divergence is made up of a price that makes a lower high and an oscillator that produces a higher high. As its name suggests, these occurrences usually happen when there is a downtrend. Hidden bearish divergences tell us that the pair will most likely continue to decline, and the downtrend will have a continuation.

Now, let us cite some examples when trading regular divergences.

For instance, we have a EUR/ SUD daily chart, and it has been on a downtrend. Some indicators are giving us signals that it is most likely that the downtrend will end soon. The price creates a lower low, but the indicator is saying higher low. We can say that this might be a good time to buy because of the divergence between the indicator and the price. There was a breakthrough in the falling trend line resulting in a new uptrend.

Moral of the example: stay alert for reversal clues to know that the trend should end soon.

An example when trading with hidden divergences

Let us say that we have a EUR/ SUD daily chart, and it has been on a downtrend. The price produced a lower high, but the oscillator made a higher high. If we review what we talked about earlier, we can say that this is a hidden bearish divergence. It is your discretion whether you will go to the trend or wait for a while. Later on, the trend continued. Assuming that you spotted the divergence and knew that the trend would continue to decline, you surely are going home with that hefty profit.

Are hidden divergences relevant?

Of course, they are relevant, especially if you are a trader who loves to ride trends. Sure, they can give you a hard time spotting them, but when you do, it can help you ride the trend as early as possible so you can go home with profits and gains.

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Different types of payments you can make on Airtel Payments Bank Website

Airtel Payments Bank is a subsidiary bank of Bharti Airtel. It is a public limited company. This bank also received the first license as a payment bank from RBI and became a live payment bank. So, this is one of the most trusted and secured bank for making any online transaction. First, the customer has to make an account with Airtel bank. Airtel Payments Bank offers its customers great deals, discounts, and cashback offers. But, always keep in mind that, you must use their bank account for any type of transactions.

Airtel Payments Bank can be used to make different types of payments. All your payments will be fast and successful. Here is a list of different types of payments that you can make using this bank;

Mobile recharge

Recharging our mobiles is one of our basic expenses. To enjoy all the facilities of our service provider, we have to recharge our mobiles will suitable plans time to time. Different plans come with different validity period. For Jio recharge, you can select the best plan for you, and get it done using this bank. For Jio online recharge, visit the official website of Airtel Payments bank and go to their mobile prepaid recharging page. Here, you need to put your number and select the service provider. Different Jio recharge plans will be recommended to you. You can select one from the list and move forward. On the payment page, select your Airtel bank account and make the payment. You will get an e-receipt after a successful payment. Thus, your Jio recharge online is done. By following the same process you can recharge your mobile with Airtel, VI, BSNL, and other plans.

Electricity bill

Earlier, we used to visit the electric office to pay our monthly electricity bills. This used to take a lot of time and energy. But now, we can do it online. Using this bank, paying electricity bills is very easy. You just need to put your consumer ID and select your location and electricity provider. Your bill will be visible and you can make a secure payment.

Gas bill

Gas is used in every household for cooking. You can also pay your monthly gas bills using Airtel Payments bank. So, at the beginning of every month, you do not need to run here and there to pay your bills. You can do it, sitting at your home.

DTH bill

Who does not want a smooth TV viewing? With excellent DTH service providers, now we can enjoy numerous channels with great picture quality. Paying DTH bill is also possible with Airtel Payments bank. Just visit their website and go to their DTH page. Here, you can make the payment and enjoy great discounts.

Water bill

Water is one of our necessities of life. You can pay water bill online using this bank very easily.

So, use Airtel Payments Bank and pay different bills safely. You can also enjoy great discounts on each payment.

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Why You Should Choose a Payday Loan Service

The payday loan is a simple and effective tool that is designed to help those looking for short-term financial help. The payday loan does still have a bad reputation though, and the common perception is of greedy payday loan companies taking as much money out of customers as possible at a time when they need help the most.

There are now plenty of reputable and responsible payday loan lenders that offer people a chance to get by until next payday, when faced with a horrible bill that they were not expecting, an emergency repair task or a replacement of an important item that they cannot live without for a few weeks.

There are a few situations where a payday loan might be the right financial product for you to take out. First though, let us look at how a responsible instant cash loan provider will deal with your application.

You will have to be over the age of 18, be in at least part-time employment and be able to pay back the loan come next payday, based on the information you have provided. No responsible lender will issue you with a personal loan of any size if they think that by doing so you will be placed in greater financial risk. As long as you have the means to pay back the loan, in full, within the terms of the repayment agreement, your short-term loan application will be successful in covering you until payday.

Sometimes we are hit with a larger than expected bill that needs paying immediately. This could be a utility bill, or to pay towards treatment and rehabilitation after an injury or illness that we couldn’t foresee happening to us. A payday loan takes the weight from your shoulders and deals with the bill in the immediate instance, allowing you to be stress free, knowing you can pay the loan off come next pay day.

If you are reliant on your car every day then you understand the panic that occurs when you are involved in an accident or your car breaks down, leaving you without a vehicle. Whether you use the car to commute to and from work, or to ferry your children and family around, or if you live in a remote location where a car is a requirement, you’ll have to fix a car as soon as possible, regardless of how far away your next payday is. A payday loan can help you get the car back on the road and not cost you any more time and money.

At home if your fridge or washing machine dies, it is important to repair or replace them as soon as possible. We don’t realise how much we need our white goods until they fail us, and by replacing them quickly using a payday loan, you can ensure that there is only a day or two without, rather than a few weeks until payday.

These are just a few reasons why you might choose to use a payday loan service. Always be thorough with your research and use reputable payday loan providers that are transparent and offer you a quick money fix without putting you in long-term debt that is difficult to get out of.

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Understanding the Core Concept of Triangular Moving Average

The Triangular Moving Average (also known as TMA) is a well-known technical indicator because of its capacity to provide more accurate information during a sharp movement of the market (like a bullish or bearish movement). Before we proceed, we want to mention the drawback of this indicator. It is better not to use in the ranging market because there are no sharp trends in those cases. An investor can identify the TMA easily because this average line is smoother than the Simple Moving Average (SMA).

How is TMA drawn and calculated?

To calculate TMA, the trading software determines the averages of the moving average at the beginning, which is also known as a Simple Moving Average. Different input information like volume of the trades, prices, peak value, and bottom value are used to calculate this. If you develop the price bars on the chart, you can easily determine what is going on in the market.

TMA is the average of SMA, which is the average of the end N prices (P). So, you have to determine the SMA value by the following equation,

Simple Moving Average (SMA) = Mean of the P (for N prices)

After obtaining each SMA value, use the equation to calculate the TMA value –

Triangular Moving Average (TMA) = Mean of the SMA (for N prices)

If you are worried about the data needed to calculate SMA or TMA, don’t worry because the platform will do it for you.

Many beginners are unable to find out about this indicator. In this case, firstly, they have to open their chart and search for the TMA in the “indicators” section. Even if you don’t find this, don’t worry. Apply the Moving Average value and then modify the formula and set the equation to calculate the TMA. Feel free to read more about the advanced indicator at Saxo. It will help you to develop your knowledge and boost your confidence.

How can you understand the entry/exit points or the trend type using TMA?

We have mentioned that the TMA works best during a sharp movement or the price. After using the TMA, you will see a smooth line and a Regular Moving Average line (also known as buzzer indicator).

Identifying from the graph/chart

During a downward movement, the TMA line will appear above the normal buzzer indicator. When these two lines crossover one another, then that will be regarded as the point to buy the currency.

So, buy the currencies at the point when the TMA (smoother line) goes beneath the buzzer indicator.

During the uptrend, the TMA line will appear below the buzzer indicator, and when the lines crossover one another, that will be your selling point.

Remember that the TMA line moves steadily and reacts slowly, and that’s why you have to think a bit earlier while predicting the movement using the TMA line.

Identifying from the bars/histograms

You may observe two different types – the green histogram and the coral histogram. In addition, there is a reference level that is called the signal, and Forex traders in Hong Kong have to use this level to enter or close their trades.

When the green histogram indicator starts moving above the reference level (0.00), you must understand that there is an uptrend in the market. Professionals recommend buying the currencies at the beginning of this graph. When the green histogram diminishes, and the coral histogram starts its journey below the reference level (0.0), it indicates that the investor must close his trade. The movement of the coral histogram suggests that the market is experiencing a downward movement.


Remember that the TMA indicator can be useful, especially in a trending market. However, this average line is smoother and moves steadily. Indeed, you can earn your profits quickly when the trend takes an upward movement, but as the line reacts slowly, you may have to think about closing the trade a bit earlier.

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How to be a tough Money Loan provider – Steps to help you get Began

The choice to be a hard money loan provider is a which will involve risk, however it reveals a totally new method to get involved in tangible estate investments. All investing possibilities carry some quantity of risk, however the returns with this particular option might be phenomenal. Listed here are the steps you have to take if you wish to learn to become this kind of money loan provider.

You have to first figure out what the origin of the investment is going to be and what you should invest through. You could utilize the cash you’ve inside your saving account or you might make use of a retirement plan just like a self-directed IRA. After you have that arranged, you have to decide if you are planning to take a position having a hard money firm or otherwise. Should you choose, you’ll have minimum investment needs. Many will require as little as $5,000 while some need a minimum of $100,000. Determine what degree of risk you are prepared to take and just how comfortable you’re with how big an investment you’ll make. If you wish to understand how to be a hard money loan provider on your own, you will probably require more cash on hands than can be obtained should you invest via a firm. Additionally, you will need property professionals available to assist with loan servicing software.

If you wish to invest via a firm, search online for investment possibilities. If you discover one in your town, you can go to the firm personally and get questions: what’s your underwriting process? What exactly are neglect the minimums? The number of years are you currently running a business? What’s the default process? What entities regulate your company practices? Together with asking these questions from the firm, contact the entity they specify and question complaints which have been recorded concerning the firm. This will be significant in knowing how to be a tough money loan provider.

If your choice would be to become this kind of loan provider by yourself, you will have to assemble a group of property investors, CPAs, appraisers, and realtors. If you don’t wish to service the borrowed funds by yourself, make use of a loan servicing software company too. Your risk is going to be greater when you purchase this method if someone defaults around the loan, you’re the only loan provider and will have to handle the gathering process on your own. This is the way to become hard money loan provider.

When you need a loan without any delays, it’s wise to check for an authorised money lender Singapore. The requirements for cash loans are rather simple, and as long as you have full-time employment, you can expect an approval immediately.

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Personal Loans – Deal with Your Daily Expenses within an Efficient Way

London continues to be lately rated among the costliest metropolitan areas around the globe and who greater than a resident of United kingdom knows this. A typical United kingdom resident needs to find additional methods to sustain available capital around the globe. For this function, loans are the only method to have an average Londoner to satisfy his endless daily expenses. Personal loans happen to be designed in ways, which take proper care of your immediate needs inside a straight forward process. However the competition within the United kingdom loans marketplace is becoming intense with every day now the eye rates have dropped as much as 7%. Therefore, you’ll be able to select the right in the lengthy listing of lenders available on the market. The good thing of those loans is the fact that it’s not necessary to offer any collateral.

The uncertainties of existence make us to gain access to money sooner or later of your time. You do not know once the unpredicted happens and you will miss funds and lots of things go unwatched. Maybe, your home must be repaired, or perhaps your vehicle is within dire necessity of service. You need to first look into the market scenario to determine for her, who provides the cheapest rates of interest on personal loans. But, before beginning to look for that perfect lender, you can examine their details which you’ll receive from their former clients, if at all possible. The web is the greatest source to have their contact addresses along with other details to be able to obtain the least expensive loan from their store. In this manner, it can save you countless pounds in interest fees. The truth is, that you could find best loan rates online, provided you’re to have an intense search. Around the personal loans, a set rate is billed and in this manner, the repayments stay same during your existence.

The repayment terms on personal loans ought to be stored as little as possible. Your ability to pay back the lent amounts ought to be reasonable for you. For enough time to pay back the borrowed funds, the eye bill increases accordingly. These financing options can be found for you based on the salary you are taking to your house and do not require any security. These financing options are re-compensated in equated monthly payments or even the EMI. But many of factors need to be considered prior to applying for these financing options. Fundamental essentials application fee and also the account keeping fee too, billed like a predetermined fee or being an interest around the amount borrowed. The borrowed funds tenure lasts from 1 to 5 years. In case your capacity to pay back is discovered to be acceptable, then your lenders think about the borrower’s situation.

The borrowed funds directory serves your own personal purpose to discover the best personal loan deals on the market. It saves considerable time and cash you have and turns out to be pocket-friendly also. The personal loans cover the price of expenses from the vacation, a greater career for your kids, or perhaps a wedding, for purchasing a vehicle etc. You ought to be careful while picking out a lender who’s in complete agreement together with your needs and it is the real one. Compare various loan offers and you’ll understand what fits into your budget. Obviously, a web-based search helps and takes much lesser time.

Many individuals are of the opinion that getting the lowest interest rate personal loan Singapore without collateral is simply impossible. However, when you deal with Fast Money, you can see that it is possible as it offers low rate of interest and flexible repayment options.

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