You Can Profit From Bookmaker’s Generosity

If you’re going to invest in any program in an attempt to profit from that program, you must do your research and educate yourself as well as possible before committing to the plan.

Yes, that is a word of caution, not unlike the one you’d get from someone who doesn’t want you to take risk or gamble. When you know the details of the program you’re considering and grasp its philosophy to the best of your ability, you’re probably ready to get started.

So, in this specific case, you’ll need to know what arbitrage is and what matched bets are, just as a way to get started. The basic definition of arbitrage states you’ll buy something of value in one market and sell it at the same time (immediately) at a higher price. Obviously, you benefit from a temporary difference in the prices. Traders and investors considered this a “risk free” way to make profit.

Getting Specific

“Can this method be applied to sports betting?” Perhaps the better question is, “How can this method be applied to areas such as sports betting?” Why is this the better question? Because people are offering instructions on turning bonus bets (free money you get when you sign up) into cash. The key to success in these programs is the matched bet. This is a technique that uses free bets and other incentives offered by online bookmaking companies.

This is thought of as being risk-free (a requirement of arbitrage) because the bettor is using funds place in the account by the company when a deposit is made. When you win with this method, you don’t necessarily get the “stake” returned with your profits, though some sites do offer this. Even when the stake is not paid back with the profits, the return is in the 70% range.

If you’re considering this technique as a way to make money, be advised that it’s not intended to be a quick way to make money. In fact, the developers of betting programs state clearly, they don’t believe in programs promising “get rich quick”. Still, there are no guarantees, which are not allowed by law when betting or gambling activity is involved.


Developers of the various programs, such as The Cash Kings, acknowledge the scepticism of those who don’t fully understand how the technique works. But they do offer detailed guidance on such ideas as making hundreds of dollars by signing up for promotional offers alone. Subscribers also get the information and resources they need on bookmakers and guidance on how to avoid mistakes and complications when putting the plan into action.

The important factors for success with this program (not guaranteed, remember) are the program itself, of course, and reliable computer equipment. It’s also important to have time to devote to learning the technique and to have time to put it into practice without feeling financial pressure. One thing you should never do is bet with money that is need for necessities. Keep this in mind as you research matched-bet programs.